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Treasured Stories’ Touch & Tell app is a wonderful app for people who have an older loved one in their family.

Touch & Tell combines meaningful photos with familiar voices to enhance your loved one’s life.

Using Touch & Tell can realize the following benefits for aging adults:

  • Improve behaviors

  • Increase positive mental and emotional stimulation

  • Strengthen engagement with family and loved ones

  • Decrease use of antipsychotic drugs

Becoming a Treasured Stories’ Subscriber is easy:

  • It’s Free if you are sponsored by a partnering community or have received a personal access code from a loved one

  • It’s Easy – get started in 3 easy steps

  • It’s Self-administered requiring no additional help or training

How does Touch & Tell work?

Use your computer or mobile device to select a relevant photograph. You’ll be prompted to add audio using your device’s microphone. Once the recording is finished, the audio embeds within the photo and becomes a Touch & Tell.

The Touch & Tell automatically saves to your channel or a new channel you create for your loved one. Touch & Tells can be shared several ways. You can invite others to create Touch & Tells and save them to your loved one’s channel, making it a depository for Touch & Tells from multiple family members. You can also email the Touch & Tell to your loved one.

You can invite additional family and those closest to your loved one to create Touch & Tells. Individuals you invite to use Touch & Tell for your loved one’s channel do not have to buy their own subscription. They gain access to the app through your subscription’s personal access code.

What are the benefits of Touch & Tell?

Diminishes Anxiety

  Touch & Tell provides comfort when your loved one feels anxious. An iPad loaded with Touch & Tells from you and other family members helps diminish anxiety. Creating Touch & Tells also helps relatives who worry about not seeing or communicating with a loved one due to distance.

Improves Person-Centered Care

  Touch & Tells provide comfort and care as well as educate healthcare professionals that care for your loved one. When staff play the Touch & Tells for your loved one, they are learning about your loved one’s life and family.

Promotes Brain Activity

  Touch & Tells are engaging and stimulating. Your voice and the voices of those close to your loved one are soothing. They are engaging and may serve as subjects for conversation.

Supports Memory Recall

  Touch & Tells help your loved one retain memory of the voices close to them. The combination of loved ones voices attached to relevant photos about your loved one’s life can help trigger memories that weren’t accessible before experiencing the Touch & Tell.

Improves Family Visits

  Touch & Tell can be used during family visits as an enjoyable way to create and share stories that can be played again and again between visits. The app is especially helpful in highlighting celebrations, holidays, or birthdays. The stories may help bridge the gap between current family events and past celebrations.

How much does it cost?

$9.99/month for individual subscribers that don’t already have access through a shared personal access code. $199/month for communities that are purchasing universal access for all their residents and their families.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  1. Go to SUBSCRIPTION and buy a membership or choose the option to access Touch & Tell through a shared personal access code.

  2. Log-in to the Touch & Tell web app and select the Touch & Tell icon to add your loved one’s name using the “Create A Channel” tab and start adding Touch & Tells using the “Create A Story.”

  3. Once you’ve created your loved one’s channel and added a Touch & Tell, your loved one can access it from any iPad or laptop.


Treasured Stories is located in Baltimore, Maryland. To learn more about Treasured Stories, please use the form to the right.

Colleen Sabatino

Colleen Sabatino

Founder & CEO

About the CEO

Colleen Sabatino has two previous successful businesses. She started her first company, Advanced Career Development Inc. (ACDI) at age 26 through SBA funding and was the recipient of the SBA Small Business Owner of the Year Award two years later. After selling ACDI, she received a book advance from Rodale Publishing for her first book, The Play of Your Life, and used it to launch CareerBeam, LLC. CareerBeam, LLC was a software-as-service solution for colleges and universities to extend virtual career services to students and alumni. CareerBeam’s immediate success attracted venture capital within several months and grew from 16 clients to over 120 in less than 3 years. Colleen served on the executive management team of CareerArc Group and held leadership roles for two of its consumer internet brands, and Colleen earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Vanderbilt University and completed postgraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Colleen’s Treasured Story

While listening to my daughters play their violins for holiday concerts at retirement communities, I was struck by the collective knowledge and wisdom among older adults, which is in danger of being lost forever. As this problem turned in my mind, my 2-year-old son sat quietly next to me, swiping his finger across an app on my iPad, enjoying a children’s story. At that moment I decided to make an app that creates, shares, and preserves everyone’s life stories. Thus Treasured Stories was born. An app that lets me easily Touch&Tell stories is perfect for me—and for you.

Kelly Chesner

Kelly Chesner

User Experience & Client Relations

Kelly Chesser co-founded This Much I Know, a project to record and document autobiographies of the terminally ill in order to preserve their life stories for their loved ones, future generations and for the cultural relevance of their point of view. Her passion to guide others in the sharing and preserving of their life stories is the heart of Treasured Stories. Kelly partners with our members and partner organizations to ensure that the user experience is a positive one

Brendan McDonnell

Brendan McDonnell

Vice President of Partnerships

Brendan McDonnell joins Treasured Stories as the Vice President of Partnerships. Formerly an airline pilot for Delta Airlines and owner of 4 companies, he brings his relationship management and account development expertise to support the rapid growth of Treasured Stories. Brendan received his Bachelor of Science from James Madison University.

Pete Thiel

Pete Thiel

Technology Officer

Pete Thiel has over 25 years of experience working in the Information Technology field. He obtained his degree in Microcomputer Technology while serving in the US Marine Corps and then taught various Computer Science classes for universities in Japan before moving back to the United States to start a career in consulting. Over the course of his career he has consulted for companies such as Grange Insurance, Motorola, American Express, GE Financial Services, Sterling Software, The Ohio State University, CareerBeam, Ohio Nurses Association, and many others.

With his main focus on Internet Application development, he has developed sites and functionality for companies around the world and across many different company requirements. From online retail stores to continuing education he has met and continues to meet the needs of a wide client audience.

Continuing to learn the new technologies in the ever changing world of Internet Development he is developng the Touch & Tell application to be ready for the future.

Noelle Semmes Chesser

Noelle Semmes Chesser

Digital Marketing Intern, Assistant to the CEO

Noelle Semmes Chesser is a senior at Towson University pursuing a double major in Psychology and Sociology. Noelle supports our brand presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She also helps develop and implement programs for our partners. Her attention to detail and passion for human relations have already made Noelle an asset to the Treasured Stories team.

Bob Kamp

Bob Kamp

Creative Director

Bob Kamp serves as Creative Director for Treasured Stories leading all user experience and web design for mobile and web applications in addition to overall marketing and brand strategy.

Yusuke Sawairi

Yusuke Sawairi

Art Director

Yusuke Sawairi serves as the Art Director for Treasured Stories. Born in Shizuoka, Japan, Yusuke studied Information Engineering and Color Engineering at The University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, and moved to New York in 2006 where he received his degree in Digital Graphic Design from CUNY Bronx Community College. Since then, he has been an art director/senior designer working with a wide variety of clients from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.